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Learning is Eternal!

Hi - my name is Rebel and, yes, it is my real name. I have spent my entire life creating and learning - a lot of self teaching along with professional training. Designing is my world! An award winning pastel artist, my life has also consisted of designing knitwear, designing sewing patterns (embroidery, cross stitch, bargello etc.), designing web sites (both front and back end), designing fragrances for perfumes and beauty products, designing stationery, designing jewellery and, more recently, designing glass that can be used in the jewellery making process.

My partner, Paul, and I ran a very successful web development company from 1999 to 2014 but, although the company is still running, we no longer accept new clients. A battle with cancer left Paul disabled and caused us both to to re-evaluate the precious nature of life. Our web development company 'ticks over' supporting the few clients we still have and keeps Paul busy with his first love - computers - within the limits of his new abilities. This left me with much more time on my hands but my hands just refuse to be still!

I discovered the art of wire wrapping in early 2019 and soon fell utterly in love with this amazing 'new' creative process. I found many wonderful creative people on YouTube sharing their designs and began to experiment with various gauge wires and different shaped stones. The learning curve had begun and before I knew it, I had over 100 items of jewellery sitting in a box in my spare bedroom. Then, I discovered Etsy and the rest, albeit it short, is history!

I began creating my own designs and working with semi precious stones, beads, resin and glass. After a while I found I was being drawn towards glass more than anything else. I loved everything about it - the cool smooth feel, the bright and varied colours - and, compared to resin, the weight gave my creations a feeling of quality. I was becoming addicted to glass. I needed to know more about this beautiful material!

Starting with a humble Microwave Kiln I began experimenting with glass frit and soon found a technique of my own to create unique cabochons for my jewellery. I created my own 'stencil' molds using 6mm thick ceramic foam, coated them in a product called Magic Mender and, after a little more preparation with some thinfire paper, I was soon making cabochons of all shapes and sizes! 4 large and 3 small Microwave Kilns later I invested in a Pometheus Pro 7 kiln for Christmas 2020 (ending that dreadful year on a bright note!) and now my glass learning curve has really taken off!

As of February 2021, I am designing and creating my own glass cabochons for my own designer jewellery. I also sell some of my cabochons via my Etsy shop, mainly because I have been asked to! I have no idea where this journey will go but I am happier now than I have ever been. I am designing and creating out of love rather than need and that love is infused into everything I make - my jewellery really is from the heart!

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